We are an organization driven by passionate young leaders having end-end RCM experience for over two decades. Managing large-sized hospitals and physician groups like IPA’s, ACOs, Acute Care Hospital, and Large Physician Groups revenue cycle is our key competence.

The birth of iMagnum was an outcome of process hard-ships the hospitals, physician groups, and independent physician groups have to experience every day to get their reimbursement. We felt our clients deserve a much better experience to treat the patients at ease while iMagnum manages their End-End Revenue Cycle.

iMagnum vision is to build the process on Technology solutions that provides enhanced experience for our clients in terms of speed of delivery, quality, and most importantly, transparency and accountability with complete ownership of End – End Revenue Cycle.

So, what’s different at iMagnum:

  1. Service Delivery at 5x speed with the industry accepted Quality Standards
  2. Guaranteed Outcome – Accountability of Cash Goals.
  3. Old AR Recovery – Commitment of Expected collections before signing the contract
  4. Furthermore, the cost of having iMagnum as a partner is Cheaper.


Our Leaders

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