Technology: Process with lesser human validation and management

Automation in Healthcare is still in its early nascent stage. There is an enormous opportunity to make the end-to-end process highly automation dependent and shed off the lean, mundane process.

At iMagnum, we are believers in the theory of building a resilient, admirable, and accountable technology that can spread the wings to a larger spectrum of this healthcare industry with higher ROI.

Our experience in this industry for several decades and our unmatched wisdom enabled us to dream big in developing such a platform.


2. Mid Revenue Cycle

About 30% of claims get denied due to a lack of compliance with payer requirements. Reducing the burden on staff and accurately capture the codes and charges to fasten the reimbursement process.

3. Patient financial services

Up to 50% of denials and rejections go unworked. Increase the collections with on-time filings and efficient appeals.

Our Technology