Accounts receivable Management is the core revenue cycle and A/R management service for hospitals and health systems that want to become more operationally efficient and improve financial performance. When you outsource account receivables to us, we are able to handle the expected denials that your business has to face due to coding. Your result is more money getting collected faster. Some of the proven benefits that you receive out of our professional medical billing services include:

Revenue cycle and A/R Management

  1. Today as health systems struggle to take on professional-fee revenue cycle responsibilities for newly employed practices, we can provide support to help manage coding, billing, and even technology platforms for both hospital and physician revenue cycle management.
  2. Medical coding and health regulatory – From full outsourcing to each project undertaken, our coding services address both sides of coding by identifying missed revenue opportunities as well as potential compliance risks due to inaccurate coding.
  3. Claim management – Our team works on procedural and diagnosis codes against correct coding initiative and payer specific edits. Charge capture audits confirm that charges and receipts are not missed by reconciling patient charges in hospitals, clinics and surgery suites.
  4. Billing and payment Management – Right from insurance billing and patient statements to payment posting and validation, we help to manage all critical processes that directly affect one of your most important KPI
  5. Self – pay collections Management – Your hospital can decrease bad debts and increase revenue by giving us the claims that are hard to collect. Depending upon your needs, we can focus on outstanding claims that include the other amounts across payer types, age and the balance amount to be collected.
  6. Other services management – Our experts can review your third-party payer contracts, analyze future contracts, help prepare for payer contract negotiations and track managed care contractual agreements.

Our range of A/R Management Services:

    1. Credit balance services
    2. Follow up with government and commercial payers
    3. Professional denial management
    4. Old cleanup of A/R projects
    5. Under payment management
    6. Benefit or eligibility verification