Try not to be rebellious and pay robust fines with iMagnum’s Credit Balances Services. Returning overabundance cash gathered when contrasted with expenses charged for clinical benefits delivered is the obligation of the medical care supplier. While credit adjusts could occur by virtue of an assortment of reasons, the top reasons are an over-installment from the payer and abundance patient installment as a deductible or co-pay.

Inability to handle credit adjusts instantly could bring about substantial lawful expenses, fines, and detainment. Consequently it is reasonable that a devoted group of specialists measures your credit adjusts every month to keep away from such circumstances. Further, the adverse consequence on the brand can require a long time to recuperate from.

Also, unnecessary credit adjusts could give a wrong perusing of the monetary soundness of the supplier, and henceforth convenient handling can give you the right perspective on your monetary wellbeing.

Frequently, medical services suppliers have similar groups playing out A/R Follow-up just as credit adjusts, which channels efficiency and makes an absence of concentration.

Components of our credit balance and refunding services:

  • Credit balance with payers
    1. Validation – validating each request, and if found valid, process the refunds.
    2. Disputes – If we find a refund request to be invalid, we review the request again and file an appeal.
    3. Prioritization of refunds to government payers – refunds to government payers should be processed within 60 days from the time of refund date.
  • Credit balance – validation for each account with a credit balance and process refund checks to the patient.

Benefits of our credit balance and refund services
iMagnum gives the accompanying advantages to our customers on Credit Balance and Refund Processing administrations

  • Follow every single administrative rule and ensure your brand
  • Keep away from the traps of unreasonable credit balance causing incorrect judgment of your monetary wellbeing
  • Work on Patient and payer connections through convenient refund processing
  • Every day account support calls to resolve any issues
  • Diminish costs by as much as half through offshore delivery