We at iMagnum are outfitted with the best medical coding and billing experts, hand-picked for their ability in the area. These experts are constantly enrolled in consistent staff education initiatives, in order to have the most exceptional knowledge on the billing and coding guidelines.

iMagnum maintains a database of such endorsed combinations by various insurance agencies and is cutting-edge on something very similar. Our profoundly embraced coders guarantee that the generously compensated and most elevated affirmed mix of technique and diagnosis codes are used in order to ensure maximum payment and instant approval. Our group of Denial Management experts work connected at the hip with the Coding, Verification, Billing and Posting team with a goal to investigate, resolve and carry out remedial activities across the income cycle through the main driver examination of any denial condition or non-payment situation.

We work with the existing data along with the help of our industry experts, we provide solutions for most of the challenges faced by hospitals, medicine facilities related businesses. Some of those are listed below:

Our Denial Management services includes:

  • Identify and correct root causes of denials. All denials are routed to the denial analysis department. Denials are segregated into line item and full denials.
  • We work with all federal and commercial payers and have strong knowledge of their payment mechanisms
  • Streamline workflows for greater efficiency, faster appeals, and improved cash flow.
  • Our denial management and reporting app, gives you real-time insights
  • All claims are categorized into different follow-up groupings.
  • Redundant processes are automated. This cuts back on cycle times. Recover money faster.
  • Software that identifies, isolates, quantifies and categorizes denials to help you lower your denial rate and spot revenue leakage sources.
  • Help improve revenue cycle management and financial performance.

There may be varied reasons for a claim’s rejection, it may be a modifier that is out of place or a combination of codes not allowed under the CCI edits, or it just could be that appropriate pre-authorization for the particular procedure, as mandated by the patient’s carrier was not obtained at the first instance of the patient coming in. For multiple challenges you face, we are the one stop solution provider.