iMagnum provides industry-specific medical coding services to healthcare, medical services, procedures, diagnosis, treatments by healthcare providers and hospitals requiring reimbursement through claim submissions or billing the patient. We assist with filing reimbursement claims for the insurance company. We comprehend that precise medical coding, while at the same time staying consistent with the continually evolving rules, is a need for medical care practices and medical clinics today. With our medical coding services, we can experience the simplicity of filing claims, reduced denials, and improved revenue.

The medical services industry sees a change in outlook arise as more medical services suppliers discover esteem in rethinking their medical coding administrations to help proficiency, increment income, and improve their primary concern. The advancement of the medical coding process is thus vital to see positive outcomes. Medical coding requires in-depth knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology. It is a complex procedure. Incorrect coding can result in revenue loss incurred by Hospitals, Independent, and Provider Groups due to assigning lower-level codes. We highly esteem furnishing medical coding services with the most extreme precision and reliability – all gratitude to our group of affirmed medical coders and reviewers. Our group’s huge industry information and ability in the field permit us to give a complete scope of medical coding services to medical care suppliers across different strengths.

Our medical coding highlights:

Our medical coding audit services:

  • Improve medical coding efficiency and accuracy
  • Review medical charts
  • Implement effective plans if corrective action is needed
  • Improve overall documentation
  • Maintain reliable data for research
  • Generate reports to outline audit findings
  • Ensure accurate reimbursements

Healthcare provider’s reimbursement depends on the accuracy of coded medical charts how medical coding services will give the competitive edge needed to sustain in this complex regulatory environment. Our specialized professional fee coding services and facility coding services, led by our subject matter experts will ensure optimized revenue with an efficient medical coding process.