Patient Registration, an apparently straightforward course of enrollment, has more impact on your revenue cycle than you might suspect. Mistakes can bring about denials in claims and result in delays of payments.

What we capture in our Patient Registration Process:

Patient Details – Name, Gender, address, phone numbers and social security number.

Insurance Information – Name of the insurance company, insured person, address on the file, medicare or Medicaid cards and policy information.

Payment Information – Name, address and contact number of the person who is responsible for payments.

Card details – special requirements and assistance needed.

Benefits of our Patient Registration Services:

We comprehend the matter of revenue cycle and our colleagues are knowledgeable about Patient Registration measures. With iMagnum, you get:

  • Further developed turnaround time (24-48 hours), usefulness, and exactness
  • Decrease in guarantee dissents
  • Day by day account support calls to resolve any issues
  • Further developed clean case accommodation
  • Lessen costs by as much as half through seaward conveyance