We have top to bottom ability in each progression of the RCM work process. To offer redid administrations to our customers, we offer each progression in RCM work process as a different help that can be utilized by converging into the current course of the supplier.

A streamlined and high accuracy posting framework is pretty much as significant as the documentation and coding in the RCM work process. Numerous medical services suppliers are frequently not ready to completely tap the capability of this progression which unfavorably impacts their income.

As industry specialists, we have broad experience and demonstrated procedures to use the viability of installment posting in heightening the incomes.

As a main information examination master with cutting edge computerized stages, we are equipped to concentrate on the installment cycle, drifts and give experiences on your dissents and installments. Medical care suppliers should view at it as an extensive method to smooth out their assortment interaction.

While all significant medical services suppliers point towards spotless and exact case entries, large numbers of them miss the mark because of incorrectness in installment posting.

Our powerful installment posting administration can increase the value of your RCM work process. It not simply keeps your in-house staff bother free yet in addition targets achieving higher precision.

Tracking Cash Inflow

An ongoing dashboard for extraordinary receivables and income investigation is significant in dealing with the monetary achievability of the business. It gives a sign when installment follow-up is postponed and requires brief activity.

Payment Posting likewise required settlement exchanges with accuracy. iMagnum can be your shared accomplice in the accompanying settlement systems:

    • Electronic Remittance Advisory (ERA) posting
    • Manual payment posting
    • Denial posting

Electronic Remittance Advisory (ERA) posting

By and large valuable for high volume exchanges, this strategy includes transferring of records on the framework. Certain records get dismissed and after redresses, they are again transferred in the framework. The time has come saving and has extraordinary usefulness for large medical care units.

Manual Posting

EOB archives are checked and posted and data is recorded on every persistent record. This requires more accuracy inside the group to guarantee precision is kept up with.